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Pathologists - roles and responsibilities

A pathologist examines bodies and body tissues. He/she performs lab tests and helping other healthcare providers to reach diagnostic conclusions.

There are two board sections of pathologists: Anatomical pathologists and Clinical pathologists. The former has more responsibilities in the lab, while the latter is in charge of clinical diagnosis. Some other common sub-specialties of pathology are Chemical pathology, Clinical informatics, Cytopathology, Dermatopathology, Hematology, etc.

Pathologist Sales Leads

Pathologists work in communities, universities, government hospitals, clinics, and independent laboratories and private offices.

Importance of B2B marketing to Pathologists

Pathologists play a crucial role in diagnostics and interpreting the lab-results. They are an important link between the ordering physician, private labs, hospital administrations, etc.

A properly managed B2B healthcare marketing campaign is highly beneficial, as they deal with a good range of pathological products and services.

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Verified samples from the Pathologists contact address

Contact Name

Contact Info

Job Title


Company Name

Contact Info:

Douglas Lin

Senior Pathologist and Associate Medical Director

United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge

Foundation Medicine

Contact Infor:

Tad Wieczorek

Associate Pathologist

United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge

Harvard Medical School

Contact Info:

Diane Hamele-Bena

Cytopathologist and Breast Surgical Pathologist. Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology

United States, New York, New York City

Columbia University

Contact Info

Darren Wheeler

Medical Director, Anatomic Pathology For Northern Nevada Associated Pathologists Chartered

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas

Quest Diagnostics

Contact Info

Pascal Puchois

Clinical Pathologist, Doctor Pharm, Ph. D, Chief Executive Officer


Trans-Hit Bio

Contact Info

Ricard Masia

Associate Director, Translational Pathologist

United States, Massachusetts, Cambridge

Surface Oncology

Contact Info

Therese Cermak

Associate Pathologist

United States, Virginia, Richmond

HCA Healthcare

Contact Info

Olga Krasnozhen

Associate Pathologist

United States, Massachusetts, Springfield

Baystate Health

Contact Info

Kenneth Francus

Staff Associate & Pathologist

United States, California, Los Angeles

Veterans Benefits Administration

Contact Info

Kate Ledingham

Associate Speech and Language Pathologist

Australia, Queensland, Carina

Speechcare Terms

Contact Info

David Papke