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Speech Therapist Email List - a marketing efficiency booster!

We build  Speech Therapist Mailing List to connect marketers and their ideal prospects through the most convenient channels.

every interaction turns up into a business opportunity. Access ideal buyers from around the world and reach your prospects with accuracy!

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An overview of the roles and responsibilities of Speech Therapists

A speech therapist or speech-language pathologists treats people with physical or developmental communication disorders like speaking, hearing, and other related activities. They also offer consultation and treatment to children with special needs with exercises and audio-visual aid.

Speech therapists dedicate themselves to creating a developmentally appropriate environment for autistic children. They help them become social with their surroundings and increase cognitive functioning.

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Why is it important to market to Speech Therapist?

With the increasing birth defects like down’s syndrome and many other developmental disorders like autism, Speech Therapists are highly in demand. Healthcare marketers producing toys, audio-visual aids and other accessories that are being constantly searched by Speech Therapists must definitely approach them.

Reaching the right target audience with the perfect solutions would generate a loyal customer base for the marketers.

Verified samples of Speech Therapist Email Addresses

Contact Name

Contact Info

Job Title


Company Name

Contact Information

Michael Pendley
Speech Therapist and Office Manager
United States, Texas, Alvord
Southern Charm Therapeutics

Contact Information

Kristi Hepburn
Area Manager and Speech-therapist
United States, Pennsylvania, Indiana
Benchmark Therapies

Contact Information

Alexandra Faynberg
Speech Language Therapist Clinical Lead
United States, New York, Yonkers
Elizabeth Seton Children

Contact Information

Barbara Mitchell
Lead Speech and Language Therapist
United States, New York, Flushing
Positive Beginnings

Contact Information

Heather Boerner

President & Speech Therapist

United States, New York, New York City

Chatty Child

*Note – We update our database every 45 days. Please contact our executives for the latest inputs.

Speech Therapist Contact Addresses with sales-driven insights

Successful business operations rely on accurate and relevant data to ensure marketers have the right outreach opportunity. Leverage Speech Therapist Email Addresses to nurture leads with various online & offline campaigns.

Engage high quality leads and execute personalized campaigns with improved customer engagement.

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From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies- We tackle marketing requirements and provide the push your business deserves!

Skillful Segmentation of Speech Therapist Mailing Information

Manage successful campaigns with results that exceed expectations. We segment the database based on geography, specialty, experience level, gender, and other parameters. to bring the best combinations. Improve organization-wide revenue and profitability with Speech Therapists Mailing Database.

Customize the database to target professionals from 170+ countries and make outreach campaigns exciting!

Speech Therapist Prospect List compiled from reliable resources

A distinguishing factor that sets us apart from any of other healthcare data providers is the human intelligence verification of data. This minimizes any anomaly that AI tools might miss out to locate.

Our data-miners collate the Speech Therapists Contact Data from registered sources, which are then manually verified. Once these inputs satisfy all parameters of the predetermined standard protocol, our data-scientists then add them to the master database.

A periodic verification and updating process takes place every 45 days. We also check inputs before each delivery.

Our sources of contacts are-
Most updated and responsive sources covering
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Data-driven excellence with Speech Therapy Mailing Addresses

Speech Therapists Contact Information is a comprehensive collection of all vital information required to establish a personalized connection with the target audience. Get real-time insights coupled with smart tactics to convert the finest leads across the globe.

We cover 20+ data fields to ensure complete coverage and provision of first-hand information with no data-leakage. Give new identity to sales-targets and ROI with us.

Extensive Data-Fields include

Propel global scalability with Speech Therapists Contact List

MedicoLeads strives to build Speech Therapist Contact Database in a way that provides marketers with unrestricted access to customer insights. Clients across the globe have upgraded their marketing and sales campaigns using this database!

Features suited for every business need


100% manually verified email contact lists

mailing address list

Regular verification cycle to keep the data fresh

mail deliverability

85% guaranteed email deliverability

24/7 post-sales assistance

24x7 post-sales service assistance

  • 100% manually verified email contact lists
  • Regular verification cycle to keep the data fresh
  • 85% guaranteed email deliverability
  • 24×7 post-sales service assistance
Free replacement in case of stale data

Free replacement in case of stale data

data-policy compliant

International data privacy policy compliant

Medical Device Manufacturers Leads

Double opt-in check contacts

Medical Device Manufacturers Leads

Several customization options to choose from

  • Free replacement in case of stale data
  • International data privacy policy compliant
  • Double opt-in check contacts
  • Several customization options to choose from

An estimated 40 million Americans experience speech, language, or hearing disorders. It costs the US approximately $154 – 186 annually. (Source)

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Verified from hundreds of sources

License number
License number, State, NPI, & DEA
Type of practice
Physician and
Practice Specialty
critical healthcare

Health System and Hospital Affiliation

High value Speech Therapist Contact Database with MedicoLeads

An expert team of data scientists and marketing specialist compiles Speech Therapist Email Database at MedicoLeads. It is curated with due diligence to ensure that our customers are up-to-date with contemporary industry trends at a global market space.

Capture high-quality leads and experience a seamless sales funnel with desired returns!

Exclusive benefits to foster growth

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How is the database delivered?

We share the customized database with your registered email ID in .xls or .csv format within 3-5 business days. Download and integrate the list into any CRM or cloud-based tool. 

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We collect data from ethical sources like medical directories, premium journals, prestigious medical conferences, podcasts, webinars, Govt. Records, and many such trusted sources.

We customize based on geographical locations, experience, specialty, license type and others as per our client requirements.

We follow manual authentication for checking each detail and re-verify with AI tools before every delivery and regular interval of 45 days.

The contacts mentioned in our database are totally complied with GDPR and HIPAA.

We continuously update our inventory with phone-verified and email verified contacts.

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